Hi! I'm Nilanjan Saha [(Bānglā: নীলাঞ্জন সাহা) (IPA: nilanjan sɑ́hə)], more infamous as Neil [(Bānglā: নীল) (IPA: níl)]. I've created website to keep in touch with my family, friends and fellow riders and photographers. I'm an MA in English Literature and work as a Part-time Lecturer at Mathabhanga College, PO: Mathabhanga, Dist: Coochbehar, PIN: 736 146, West Bengal, India. I also give tuitions to undergraduate and post graduate level students of English Literature. I live with my parents Sunil and Nilima and younger brother Dipanjan. My wives (!) also live with me — they are Barnali, Honda and Canon.


I write a blog called Motofarer which you’ve probably figured out that is actually a portmanteau word derived from ‘motorcycle’ and ‘wayfarer’. That is because I love to tour on motorcycles. In fact my hobby is motography!? I mean motorcycling and photography. This website I run is also called Motofarer.


Currently I ride a 150 cc Honda CB Unicorn Dazzler and hope to graduate something bigger in future. As of now I’m happy with my steed. || about.me/motofarer

আরে, পাগল হ’লে না কি?

(Have you gone nuts?)

যাবে তো বাস বা ট্রেন-এ যাও!

(Better go by bus or train instead!)

মোটরসাইকেল-এ কেউ এতদূর যায়!?

(Who makes such a long journey on motorcycles!?)

I’m sure you are quite familiar with such replies blended with petrifying looks and raised eyebrows from ‘normal’ people who somehow got to know about your ‘stupid’ idea about having a vacation on motorized two-wheelers. Please take no offence! And don’t ever try to convince them about just how adventure-rich an experience it would be to tour on a motorcycle. Chances are pretty slim that they will become a convert. If you ask me, the best way to get rid of such situation is to wear a silly smile.

And those people are not pointless altogether. There’s no denying that travelling on motorcycles is a risky affair. After all, the thing cannot stand on its own feet (read wheels) and needs a staff (read stand). Also the rider and the pillion are completely exposed to elements — whether rain or shine. An enclosed mode of travel (bus/car/train) is also more relaxing as you don’t have to remain attentive all the time. And they can even be faster. So, we clearly have a case here against motorcycles — an open and shut one I suppose!

What is this then that make us imbeciles take one tour after the other on motorcycles through canyons, forests, mountain passes, cities, towns, villages on tarmac, gravel, sand, mud and snow in rainy and sunny weather alike? What is the reason that we can’t sit idle and sit to plan the next trip immediately after the present one? To find the answer one has to set his or her pair of wheels running. To become a convert one has to undergo one single touring experience.

You can travel in a car faster and more relaxed, but you miss out on feeling and being one with the surroundings.